Adrian Maraś is a visual artist, portrait, documentary and commercial photographer based in Poland. Member of The Polish Republic's Photoclub. His art work focuses on relations between nature, humanity and the perception of truth. He is an individualist focused on a specific approach to the surrounding reality.
Although Adrian has a rich background as a photojournalist, he is known mostly for his work that shows the beauty and rapacity of animals. 
He is the Author of several photo exhibitions, incl. „Dublin By Night” (2013-2014), „Human Nature” (2015) and „Mind is the Magic” (2018). His work has been noticed and appreciated by brands such as: Canon, Kodak, National Geographic (Poland) and Microsoft.
Adrian has been actively involved in cultural and social life for many years. He is the founder of a photo association in his hometown, local activist and a member of the city public benefit council in 2020-2023. 
Adrian Maras’s clients include: Gerry Weber, Obi, Polish Tourism Organization, Piwniczanka, Bogdanski, MKS Sandecja and others…